Gary Askam, joins NK Motors Kia Business as the new the new Fleet and Business Sales Specialist at NK Motors Derby & Nottingham.

Gary wanted to start by sharing the way he, and NK Motors, approaches car sales in 2023 and the future...

I am a believer in making the car sales experience to be a pleasurable and enjoyable one by constant development of skills and processes.

If you have a truly customer centric approach, you will allow customers to attend and observe your sales training events with complete confidence that they will appreciate and endorse the content.

We must discover how to avoid behaviours associated with stereo typical car salespeople in favour of facilitating the buying process. No draconian sales process, no sleight of hand trickery and no pressure. All in the name of creating sufficient emotional and logical certainty which stimulates sufficient confidence to make a buying decision.

These basic principles will help to dispel the myths that a car purchase has to be like going into combat with the car sales teams.

NK Motors Ltd are focused on delivering a positive experience for all our customers by adopting a customer focused buying process.

From company car taxation (P11D) advice, whole-of-life running costs or quotations for contract hire, myself and the team have the expertise to help. You can contact me directly via email: or call 01332 205 975 to discuss further.