Protection Products

​We know you want the best for your car, that’s why we offer you protection products to ensure that your car stays at it’s best and keeps that showroom look for longer.

Gen 3 Paint Protection

GEN-3 Glasscoat is known as ‘The World’s Greatest Vehicle Exterior Paint Protection’ for good reason. The advanced technology formulation designed by NASA ensures that dirt and grime are removed from painted surfaces with ease, which the hydrophobic action is demonstrated by the way repels liquids and showcases incredible resilience to all kinds of environmental pollutants.

Tested and approved by 17 automotive manufacturers across the UK and Europe, Boeing and the world’s leading hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, Glasscoat is the paint protection of choice for whose who care about keeping their car looking newer for longer. That’s why GEN-3 Glasscoat is the paint protection product for NK Motors.

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Kia Cosmetic Warranty

The Kia Cosmetic Warranty allows you to protect your vehicle against unsightly minor cosmetic damage. This innovative cover helps protect your vehicle’s appearance and therefore value by ensuring that showroom fresh finish is maintained. If you take pride in , perfect for motorists who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance. Cosmetic Warranty ensures that repairs are carried out by Car Care Plan approved technicians and the cover is eligible for both new and used cars.

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