A NK Motors Fleet & Business Success Story

One afternoon I took a call from a young man called Dan enquiring about Sportage and asked if I had heard about The CCS “Crown Commercial Services” As it happens I have I said.

Dan went on to tell me all about Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes and the good service they do. After some discussion we agreed a test drive was required and I agreed to loan them a Kia Sportage GT Line S HEV. I chose this car as they were keen to look at whole life costs and running costs, but safety was a key factor in the choice of car for them.

After they had the car for a long weekend, they were enthused in the Sportage and particularly that very car which they agreed fitted the job perfectly as everyone who drives the car will be a volunteer, so their comfort and safety were key features.

I met with Dan and ultimately had several discussions with the Chairman of Nottinghamshire Blood Bike Mr John Devlin, and we discussed how the Charity could benefit from the procurement of several cars through the CCS scheme and this resulted in an order for 4 New Sportage GT Line S HEV cars.

John shared his experiences with other Blood Bike Groups and so far, Greater Manchester Blood Bikes have also placed an order.

NK Motors Fleet and Business Centre have also agreed to sponsor Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes for the next Quarter which I am delighted about and look forward to working more closely with Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes in the future.

If you are interested in kitting out your business with brand new vehicles no matter how small or large, give us a call at 01332 205975, or contact Gary via email at: gary.a@nkmotors.com